You Show us the Problem and we will Solve it

We have a solution for every type of IT problem. With Managed Services you will have a worry-free experience knowing you have a team of people responsible for your IT security and operations. IT Consulting may be a more suitable fit as you will have expert advice just a few clicks away, and we can schedule dates and times when you need a more hands-on approach. Lastly, with our Hardware and Software expertise you can get assistance with researching and acquiring the best tools for your needs.

You Show Us The Problem And We Will Solve It

Managed Services

We empower you to meet your organizational needs with our expert help to keep you up to date with technological advancements and protect you from cybercriminal attacks. Our fully managed IT solutions include Cyber Security Risk Assessment, Unlimited Remote and On-Site Support Tickets, Continuous IT Monitoring, Network Management, SaaS Protection, Email Management, Life Cycle Management, Asset and Patch Maintenance, Hardware and Software Support, and Anti-Virus Endpoint Protection.

Advantages of an MSP

  • Lower Costs

  • Experience

  • Increased Productivity

  • Accountability

  • Scalability

  • Improved Security

IT Consulting

We provide IT support and consulting services to over 200+ companies across North America. If you are on the fence about which parts of your organization should be run with in-house IT Support versus outsourced IT Support, our consultants are your 1-stop-shop to help you come to the best decision for your organization. Whether you want onsite IT Support for when you need someone to manage a project at your location or remote IT Support when you need assistance with research or fixing a problem our system is built to troubleshoot and we are confident that we can help your organization.

What you can Expect from us

  • Budget & Planning

  • Cost Savings

  • On-Demand Support

  • Cost Savings

  • Flexibility

  • Open-Mindedness

Hardware & Software

You can reach out to us if you feel like you need a hardware or software solution to meet the needs of your organization. Through us you will get our expertise in compliance so that your organization is always audit ready. With our Business-Grade Hardware you will get more reliability and cyber security than consumer level products with a deeper level of quality assurance and support. With Hardware-as-a-Services you will get essential business-grade hardware solutions at a monthly cost with no up-front expenses.

Why Choose us

  • Monitoring & Management

  • 40+ Fulfillment Centers

  • Technology Specialists

  • Difficult To Acquire Products

  • 12+ Preferred Vendors

  • Express Shipping

Just a quick note to say how amazing both Fadi and Nik have been to work with and to resolve our IT issues. The support we have received thus far has been most impressive and appreciated.!”

-Brigitte C. (Bradford, ON)

Great and speedy service, as expected!

-Brigitte C. (Bradford, ON)

Kevin is absolutely amazing and helps me anytime I need it! He is so good at what he does!

-Miranda B. (Prescott, ON)

Thanks David! You’re the best and always can count on!

 – Liza R. (Vaughan, ON)

Thank you very much for all the information you share and I have told others about your helpful service. I will continue to do so.

– Teresa M. (Toronto, ON)

Hi Franklin & E-Tech, Just a note to thank you for your time, and patience, in assisting him with setting up the new printer that the company purchased for his use. Thank you also for the time that you took to set-up his personal computer to the printer, although I did explain to him that this was not the association’s responsibility. I know that I speak on behalf of our team here to express our profound thanks to the entire E-Tech team for all their support.

– Sharon C. (Mississauga, ON)

Kevin was excellent to deal with. Thank you for the great customer service.

 – Jennifer M. (Tilbury, ON)

I just wanted to send a short note to thank the E-Tech team for all their support (and patience) in assisting him with setting up his laptop and being responsive to his questions. Thanks for everything that your team has been doing, and continue to do, to assist him with the onboarding process; as well all that your team does for our association. Much appreciated!

– Sharon C. (Mississauga, ON)

I just wanted to send a note to let you know how helpful Kevin Patel was with my recent computer issue. He did a great job resolving my issue and was excellent to work with. He is very good at what he does and I am glad we signed with E-Tech for our IT support.

– Mark C. (Woodbridge, ON)

Franklin was awesome! He was personable and knowledgeable.

– Fadyia M. (North York, ON)

I am very pleased with the level of service and commitment I received from Fadi. He is extremely knowledgeable. He easily addressed all of my concerns. Thank you!

– Nawshad K. (North York, ON)

Please express our profound thanks to Max for all his assistance with the on-site service that he provided to us to assist in setting up his MS Surface.

– Sharon C. (Mississauga, ON)

Max, thank you for the prompt, professional support.

– Judy G. (Brantford, ON)

Hi Everyone, I simply wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation. I had the opportunity to have David Wood support my IT needs. He was incredibly supportive, patient and understanding towards my IT issues. He sat on the call with me for quite a while and looked after my entire laptop to make it the most efficient. He also took the time to educate me on how to navigate through certain programs and applications. I’ve never had this kind of customer service regarding IT support – he provided me with exceptional service which I’m extremely thankful for. Thank you, David – you are a Rockstar!

– Vince G. (Nobleton, ON)

Max was great and super helpful.

– Kate Z. (Schomberg, Ontario)

A super nice, very positive experience. Thank you, David.

– Cheryl S. (Bracebridge, Ontario)

Thanks Lloyd!! Fadi was a pleasure to work with!!! Great work!!

– Carey-Anne E. (Toronto, ON)

Lloyd – the E-Tech team was amazing this week!! You guys were the real hero’s because really, it all came down to wifi and laptops! 🙌🏻

– Kerry C. (Toronto, ON)

Exemplary service as always! Quick and professional with a personal touch. Thank you David. E-Tech support is consistently wonderful! Thank you to the entire team for taking such good care of our IT needs in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

– Pamela S. (Perth, ON)

I wanted to let you know that Fadi and his team have been a pleasure to work with and very helpful.

– Milly M. (Toronto, ON)

David is a very reliable and excellent computer technician and very patient in explaining things to me. David’s service to us has always been very outstanding. Thank you.

– Rosa C. (Toronto, ON)

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the support from Fadi and Ahmed today. They were professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I appreciate that they showed up with a plan and were confident that after what they had learned today, they were ready to support our needs going forward.

– Jason O’N. (Lindsay, ON)

Fadi is very helpful to solve the problems we encountered and he communicated with us in a timely manner. They are always there when you need assistance.

– Elizabeth C. (Richmond Hill, ON)

Happy with the service.

– Regina M. (Perth, ON)

Derek & Dmitry did a great job setting up my new laptop – they were pleasant to deal with, great communicators, and very efficient.

– Carolyn B. (Mississauga, ON)

Lloyd, I just wanted to reach out and say what an amazing job you and your team are doing for us. Thanks so much for all your work. Your team is professional, get things done, and are a pleasure to work with.

I’ll be recommending your organization whenever I can.

– Kim P. (Bracebridge, ON)

I’ve worked with the leadership of E-Tech for nearly 20 years, and can speak very highly of the services they offer. The support group do a great job of responding to issues and have always provided a high end hosting service. Definitely worth a chat.

– Jake B. (Oakville, ON)

Very good help with assistance mapping my documents. It was really helpful to have the E-Tech team!

– Claudia B. (Mississauga, ON)

It is my pleasure to recommend Ian as a reliable, knowledgeable, and resourceful technical support specialist / business partner who is promptly and efficiently responding to his clients needs.

– Mihaela M. (Toronto, ON)

Ian is a highly competent and reliable colleague and provider of technical solutions. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him as a partner for 20 years now. We have referred many of our clients to Ian and E-Tech and will continue to do so.

– Keith S. (Toronto, ON)

I have been working with Ian and his team for quite some time now. He has always been prompt and courteous in providing support but also go the extra mile for his clients. His team is well positioned to handle a range of IT issues but also versed in providing very relevant training in areas such as Cyber security among others. I make no hesitation in recommending the services of E-Tech.

– Roger R. (Mississauga, ON)

E-Tech has a great Team and are always quick to respond to any needs that we may have here at our company. They are approachable and pleasant to work with. Great job! A pleasure as always to work with you David. Have a great weekend!

– Jennifer C. (Perth, ON)

David provided a very prompt response and always continues to be a great support for our team!

– Dustin S. (Toronto, ON)

Great service, even for little things such as adding new members, done in a fast and efficient manner! Thank-You!

– Jennifer B. (Edmonton, AB)

Your response was very timely. David certainly knows his ‘stuff’. He was very patient with me and ensured the scanner was working to our specifications before he completed the service call. He is definitely an asset to your customer service department.

– Elisa T. (Nobleton, ON)

As with most IT implementations, we had a few small problems & a learning curve on how to effectively use the Cloud but E-Tech provided us with exceptional support. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable support team, we highly recommend E-Tech!

– Dave C. (Mississauga, ON)

E-Tech retrieved a file that was deleted 4 months ago for one of our clients. They have great customer support & I would recommend them to any company!

– Jake B. (Oakville, ON)

Ready to try our Solutions?

Ready to try our Solutions?