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Our iMIS Story

As an Authorized iMIS Consultant (AiC) we specialize in Hosting, Implementations, Migrations and Upgrades. Whether your organization is new to iMIS, or upgrading to the latest version, we can get you setup on time. E-Tech was the 1st Canadian iMIS Cloud Hosting Provider and continues to be one of the largest. We have a dedicated team of Certified iMIS Administrators (CiA) and Certified iMIS Professionals (CiP) that have helped hundreds of companies in a variety of iMIS projects both big and small for 30+ years. We are happy to act as your AiC for any of your iMIS Services.

Our iMIS Story

iMIS Certifications

As Certified iMIS Administrators (CiA) we are experienced iMIS users and highly skilled in administration, configuration, and management of iMIS. We follow ASI’s best practices and standards for working in iMIS.

As Certified iMIS Professionals (CiP) we are experienced iMIS users and highly skilled in implementation. We work with iMIS clients to achieve continuous performance improvement and support end users.

iMIS Consulting

We are trained, certified, and authorized to provide consulting services for iMIS. Our company specializes in consulting and day-to-day technical support and issue resolution for iMIS.

Our Consulting Services

  • RiSE CMS Optimizations

  • Monitoring

  • Accounting

  • Reporting

  • SQL

  • Integrations

  • Setup & Customizations

  • End-User Training

  • Archived Data

  • Redeployments

  • Support

iMIS Hosting

We work with all technical aspects of your hosting environment which include security, speed, updates, backups, website up-time, scalability, and website support.

Our iMIS Hosting Advantages

  • Enhanced Data Security
  • Flexible Scalability

  • Premium Infrastructure

  • World Class Support

  • Tailored BCDR

  • High-Speed Performance

  • Systematic Approach

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Custom Configurations

iMIS Implementations

We implement client requests to fulfill their organization requirements. Our implementations are tested vigorously and made to fit well with the existing environment.

Our Project Documentation

  • Business Process Review

  • Biweekly Status Reports

  • Project Milestones

  • Issues & Resolutions

  • Project Schedule

  • Budget vs. Actual-to-Date Hours

  • Assess Process Concerns

  • Finalize Requirements

  • Task Listings

  • Review Budget

iMIS Migrations

We support iMIS while overseeing every aspect of your migration. This is often the best opportunity to maximize your security standards for your system and run any postponed upgrade.

Our Migration Business Process

  • iMIS Roadmap

  • Environment Assessment

  • Data Migration

  • Website Migration

iMIS Upgrades

We make the transition to the newest iMIS version seamless and provide you and your team with training to keep you updated on the newest technology.

Our Upgrade Process

  • Stress Testing
  • Defined Requirements

  • Setup Dev Environment

  • Go Live

  • Monitor & Maintain

  • Staging & Rehearsal

Dmitry is fantastic! Always a pleasure to work with.

– Matt G. (Toronto, ON)

Ian’s technical expertise assisted me greatly in the past with his knowledge of iMIS and hosting iMIS allowed us to have a secure and online presence to our members.

– Randy M. (Ottawa, ON)

Thanks so much for your support: E-Tech, Michael and all other members. Happy New Year 2019!

– Jasleen V. (Calgary, AB)

Michael from E-Tech did a great job taking a look at the issue & was great about getting a remote session set up so I could dig a little deeper with him. We got it resolved together in short order & our client is happy. Thanks again!

– Justin T. (Toronto, ON)

Jason from E-Tech did a great job! He resolved the issue quickly for our client & was very friendly. The man knows his stuff! Thanks Jason!

– James H. (Toronto, ON)

Jason was great – patient with someone who is challenged with computers when they don’t respond as expected. Jason did a wonderful job of explaining everything and following up with written support.

– Diane Q. (Ottawa, ON)

Thank you so much for E-Tech’s ongoing attention to detail to our servers and iMIS database(s). We were in a period of transition and pulling E-Tech staff in many directions. E-Tech’s patience and excellent support services don’t go unnoticed. Ian, you and your great team are very much valued by both myself and our organization!

– Brenda J. (Ottawa, ON)

Need the best performance from iMIS?

Need the best performance from iMIS?